Moving Checklist

Two months before moving

Take a copy of all our helpful hints to help you plan your move more effectively.
Decide on a date to move
Buy packaging supplies. (We can help with this)
Start sorting and clearing your garage.
Place all important documents in archive boxes and label clearly. If required, you can put some of these items into storage early to make your moving day easier.

One month before moving

Start packing items that are used infrequently.
Inform the power company that you’re moving in advance so you have power on your first day and night in your new home.
As the internet is such huge part of our lives it helps to make sure you have arranged your new phone and internet connection in advance.
Organise house insurance to be transferred from your old house to your new house and update any values if required
Ring Go Storage to organise your Storage Unit
Organise your van hire or organise a removal firm.
Start to use and finish food in the freezer and pantry

Two weeks before moving

Contact all utility and service companies to arrange supply to your new home.
Inform all relevant people and companies of your change of address.

You’ll need to notify the following companies of your change of address including:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Council
  • Power
  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Health Fund
  • Department of Transport (Driver’s License and Motor registration)
  • Electoral Role

Organise your mail to be re-directed at Australia Post for at least three months.
Confirm all arrangements such as van hire and storage.

One week before moving

Confirm with your settlement agent that moving date is on schedule.
Arrange for collection of keys for your new home, have spares cut if needed and return old keys.
Make sure that your packing is on target and that you have an inventory list.
Remind friends and family they are helping you next week!

The day before

Set aside all items that you will need on the day such as: Tape measure, Extension lead, Step ladder etc…
If moving yourself, collect hire van later in the day. Rent a sack truck & appliance rollers for moving your heavy items.
Move all packed boxes into a suitable room that is easily accessible. This will help when loading your goods on moving day.
Empty, Clean and defrost fridge and freezer.

Moving Day

Get an early start.
Strip beds and cover mattresses with plastic.
Pack another box with kitchen essentials for the move day such as a kettle, cutlery, mugs, tea, coffee and snacks.
Pack a small box of items you’ll need for immediate use in your new home, including some toiletries, a change of clothes, medicines, toilet paper, soap and towels.
Check off all furniture and cartons against your inventory list as they go into the van or truck.
Turn off electricity at the meter.
Check that all doors and windows are securely locked as you leave your old house.
Be sure to keep your valuables, personal effects and important papers with you, so they don’t go astray.
Unpack bedding and make up beds as soon as possible – you’ll thank yourself at the end of a tiring day.

pdf Download Moving Checklist PDF